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Who we are

Mike Kapur, CEO

Sempervox is a managed service provider delivering business focused technology services to all Sectors. We understand that whilst you need technology products, what you want is a service, one that you can rely on.

We want to deliver the best experience possible, you need the best experience possible. We focus on quality products and predictable service delivery, and as a result, we  build a technology suite, for you, that enables your business to perform.

With decades of experience and expertise, across the team, we keep critical services running, keep you abreast of the technology landscape, and ensure that the the aspirations you have are valued and underpinned by your technology partner.

We are known for the quality of our service, for our personality, both engaging and professional, and of course for our outstanding value.

Mike Kapur Leicester, CEO, Sempervox
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What Our Clients Say

Sempervox customer

Aaron Bargewell, Head of Finance and Operations, Giant Bicycles

"I have worked with Sempervox for 13 years and the staff have always been friendly, accessible and knowledgeable. The team at Sempervox are fantastic in identifying our needs and ensuring we have the best technology at the best rates. They are proactive in their approach and always on hand when we need them."

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