Cloud services – run your business from anywhere!

Your Domain

We would like to manage your domain [the name after the @ ] i.e. domain is the fundamental to how you are seen by the outside world. So many times poor management of the domain leads to email and other web based issues. If we have the management, we can adjust things very quickly.

Your Cloud

You will already be using services that are ‘in The Cloud’ such as your banking. There may be several reasons why having parts of your business hosted on servers outside your office building makes sense.

We are happy to create your own cloud services, where you can benefit from being ‘always connected’. We are Microsoft accredited, but more importantly have our own quality engineering capability that really understands how all this works and how to make it work for you.

Instead of laying out on equipment that has the capacity to last 3 years or more, we can deliver a server for you that will grow as you do, but you only pay for need at the time, freeing up cash.


You can bring your servers to our Hosting Centre, to benefit from the flexible internet capacity, resilient power, strong security and fire risk reduction. You can then manage your server remotely.

Web Site hosting

We can host your websites and other customer facing interfaces. We do not build website preferring to work with website designers by providing a reliable and flexible web hosting platform for the site they have build.