IT Equipment

The right equipment at the right price

We are a SME, we understand the importance of keeping cash in the business. So we only recommend new equipment if it will demonstrate it will bring you a significant business benefit, otherwise we will use what you have to be more effective.

We thought about how to show you what equipment we can provide. We have decided not to do this for 2 reasons

  1. We are not a simple ‘retail house’, we seek and use the most effective equipment that will deliver the improvements you need.We don’t have a warehouse full of stock that we need you to buy.
  2. We have found that you probably don’t care what we use, as long as we can deliver the service levels you need at a competitive price.

HOWEVER, if you just want a piece of equipment and know how it will fit in your network, give us a call [or send an email] and we’ll use our purchasing power to get you a good rate.

The most important thing for us is to ensure that the equipment you have is delivering the optimum performance for your business. If you are fixed on a particular piece of equipment we generally have the knowledge to make it integrate.