Data Integrity

The right information at the right time

Many agents conspire to make this a difficult task. We continually check the status of your business data including a server check every morning.

The software in the server as well as its functionality are verified and updates installed.Because we manage your servers so closely it is most often a user introduced, or network, problem that is stopping you from working effectively. So we work out from the place where your data is known to be sound until we find, and fix, the issue. Letting data flow to you again…wherever you are.

Badware. That’s our name for all the deliberate attempts to compromise your business. Increasingly, the criminals have realised that your business data is of more value to them than just trying to empty your bank account, not that they have stopped trying this as well. Then there are the hackers who just get a buzz from smashing their way into your network. We implement the latest weapons against these attacks, working with you to always allow only your business data through.

Self inflicted problems. Because the anti-badware tools are becoming more and more effective, some criminals are employing sophisticated psychologists to persuade your staff that their messages are safe. Once this happens the doors are open! We are keen to work with you to protect yourself by meeting with your staff to share the latest methods of attack and what to watch out for.