Internet services

Your critical link to the rest of the world!

There are many ways to gain access to the internet -and we can arrange the best one for you. Because you can be anywhere, we have relations with 7 different internet providers, including satellite, to bring you the the most effective, resilient and secure internet feeds.

Don’t try and run your company from a residential service. We all know that the only way that prices can be driven low is by ramming more and more users on the same service. This ‘contention’ is often the biggest cause of disruption to your business, taking a ‘business grade internet reduces this problem.

Of course nowadays we are all doing more work via The Web, cloud-type services hosted on remote servers are becoming the norm for many of the companies we deal with. It could be that you are now asking your internet lines to do more than it was intended for. In particular, whilst traditional internet lines [ADSL] were designed to carry more into your offices [downloading] than out. Now we are using the upstream capability of our internet for sending files, large pictures, VOIP/Skype/internet telephone calls, cctv images and the like.

As we know, the type of internet available to you depends on where you are. Fibre, with its capability to carry more capacity [bandwidth], is being brought to the local cabinets but , in our opinion, BT are first trying to get a return on their venture into ‘TV content’ so are activating residential areas as a priority. This leaves the more traditional, and more costly, options as our immediate alternatives.

Once the best internet has been established, we will work with you to protect your business from, what we call, Badware. At the moment criminal types are finding it harder to break into European domains so they are now concentrating on getting your staff to ‘allow them in’. Badware protection is getting better at weeding these websites and emails out BUT it is vital that you train your staff to take responsibility for what they do, not just ‘clicking YES’ to a box that appears because they are busy! We an help with this training.