I’m starting a business

Sempervox exists to provide affordable, tailored and scalable IT and telecoms solutions to businesses like yours. From internet access to shop tills, phones and office printers, we will integrate everything into an effective affordable system that works hard for your business the minute it goes live.

Most of the services you need can be paid for monthly with no big capital outlay. You can start from your home office and grow from there. If you add another person they can work from their home office as well, we will make sure everything is linked and available to you wherever you are.

Through innovations in new technology we can provide affordable disaster recovery, data storage and effective security. We can enable access to your systems from your smart phone, so you really can be on the road and in the office at the same time.

You don’t need to be tech savvy. Rely on us to keep looking for the best deals and the most suitable new technology to keep your cost down and always maximise efficiency. As a Sempervox customer your new business will get the close support and peace of mind of an in-house IT department without any of the big fixed costs.