I’m moving my office

Call us before you move, we can save you a fortune.

We can look at all the suppliers of network in the area and arrange for the best option to be delivered in time for your move. Get this bit wrong and you could be saddled with large delivery costs or even a failed move. We will look after this for you.

Don’t be tied down to long contracts or buying equipment that will be difficult to move.Don’t worry about losing your telephone number or emails not getting through when you change address. IT and telecoms are at the core of your business and must keep operating smoothly during an office move. With Sempervox in support they will.

In planning the move with you we will take time to understand how you work and check to see if there are business advantages to be gained from updating and modifying your systems. Questions to consider include:

  • Has your business outgrown the way you handle phone calls?
  • Is your network infrastructure suitable at your new premises?
  • Do your existing systems provide adequate security?
  • Are you going to be working in a different way – maybe more mobile?
  • When did you last look at the computing side of your business?
  • Are your existing systems future proof (can they be inexpensively ‘evolved’ to take advantage of technological change over the next 5-10 years)?

Sempervox will find the answers to all these questions and more. We will integrate any upgrades into the moving plan and ensure your business keeps running during the move. But, as importantly, we will ensure that the systems switched on in the new building offer you the best possible value and are the most suitable for your current and future business needs.