I need to protect my business

Business owners have a legal responsibility to safeguard their business as much as practically possible.

‘Badware’ is everywhere. We will take up the fight for you 24/7, protecting the core of your business & your data.

Nowadays the attackers are not just looking to ‘take you out’, though some of the hackers are still doing this for fun. The next target is your business information. Your client and supplier information, maybe including their banking details, has been identified by criminals as a significant source of revenue, whether they steal cash directly from accounts or sell your records on.

The newest security risk concerns managing your business data, including emails of course. Your mobile can be lost and while you may have backed it up, your client and supplier data is on the hard drive. Sempervox can control your business data for you, wiping it from the machine if necessary, even leaving non business data untouched – all remotely.

Disaster Recovery

How long can you can afford to be out of action after a disaster? Sempervox can create a ‘Ghost Server’ which will take over within seconds if your main server goes offline, all fully configured with each user’s information.
If you have a bit more time, we will work to create the most cost-effective way to get you back in business.