I need to cut costs

Sempervox can drive down your ongoing IT and telecoms costs while improving performance – and you may not even need to buy any new equipment!

Sounds impossible? Not at all. Sixty per cent of our customers saved money when we took over caring for them. Others needed to change the way they worked and chose us as delivering the best value for money.

We can help you take advantage of tech and industry developments to reduce costs. We will gather all your existing charges and suppliers, benchmark what you are paying now, then create tailored systems for your business, pulling everything together to find savings. We will buy services in bulk from global suppliers and negotiate discounts so we can share the saving with you. And if you have capacity you no longer need but are still paying for -we will find it and remove it.

Remote working is also key to cost saving. Occasional workers (like accountants or special consultants) can now log in from their own offices, reducing their charges to you.

Do you know just how smart your smart phone is? They can perform multiple functions that you may be needlessly paying for somewhere else. Not only that, we can help your staff to use their personal smart phones for business by ensuring all business related content on their phones is fully segregated from their personal content. If staff move on the business data can be quickly and easily removed, leaving their personal information untouched.

You no longer have to lay out cash on equipment & licences that you hope will last you, you can now rent , paying monthly for just what you need now. Many IT and telephone equipment & services can be purchased on a monthly basis so you only pay for what you use.

Don’t be daunted by the challenge of finding all these savings. That’s what we’re here for.

We can rent you just what you need now, for a monthly fee.