Sempervox -who are you?

Sempervox is the trading style of Signum Corporate Communications Ltd. Signum has been supplying ‘voice services’ to businesses since 2001. We needed to emphasize the depth of skills with business data that we have developed over the last 10 years.Sempervox is the brand we use when discussing unified & Cloud based services with you.

We are a privately owned business dedicated to serve the UK SME [business] market. The [highly experienced] owners are actively involved, ensuring we help you to Increase Cash, Reduce Costs & Retain Customers.

How long are your contracts?

Unless we have agreed something different with you, our usual [initial] term is 12 months with a 90 day notice period thereafter. That is it, no hidden resign slots that are designed to tie you in.

Where is your Hosting Centre?

We have built a secure hosting centre, with resilient power within our head office in Leicester.

Do I have to go for Unified Communications at the start?

Absolutely NOT, we recognize that you will already have services from other suppliers, and it may be best for you to complete your existing contracts. Our culture is to work with you for the longest possible time. We will work with you to supply services so as to benefit your business now