About Us

It’s actually about you!

Sempervox is the ‘trading style’ of Signum Corporate Communications Ltd. Signum was created , back in 2001, to deliver the voice based technical advantages available to big companies to owner managed [SME] businesses like yours. Over the years we have developed a strong IT capability and so we now pull unified communication together using the name Sempervox.This means we have to understand what is important to you and bend the right technical solution to fit. Being better than our competitors at understanding you, faster at responding to your changing requirements and easier to do business with.

82% customer retention.

Even during the recent economic downturn, we have managed to help our customers to fight the recession and stay in business. We are very pleased that,since we started, 82% of our customers have stayed with us. In many cases, our customers have developed their IT and Telecoms services, moving towards a more integrated, cost effective and flexible Business Information model.

Creating an advantage.

Easy, secure access to your business information, from wherever you are, that is what modern companies need. This is very easy to say, but complex to deliver and maintain. Our Operations team have a tremendous understanding of the new ways of working. We continually train in the new ways of working so we can offer you ways to keep ahead of your competition.

Can your current data and voice supplier understand how to integrate:

  • Your emails.
  • Your website.
  • Your business files and folders.
  • Your mobile phones.
  • Your phone system.
  • Your protection against Badware.
  • Your telephone lines and numbers.
  • Your Disaster Recovery plan.
  • Your remote offices.