Ofcom change the costs of using 08XX, 09xx & other non-geographic numbers


Regulation changes for using 0800, 0900 and other non-geographic numbers. From the 1st of July 2015 the costs of calling NGNs will change to be an Access charge per minute + a Service charge per minute. Make sure that you check this Ofcom link and think about how you use NGNs.


Sempervox sponsors Leicester Riders basketball

Leicester Riders. The best Basketball team
Leicester Riders.
The best Basketball team

Join us at a match!If you have never been to a Basketball match, you are in for a treat! Fast and furious, yet great for the family. We would like to share the excitement with our customers.

Sempervox are a the official communications provider to the Leicester Riders Basketball Team, winners of the British Basketball League Cup.We will be working with the team for the next two years which will cover their move to a new state of the art arena.

Cloud? Why?

Thank heavens we have a generator.

Last week the pavement caught fire, and the power went off in our area! Lights went out all around us. All cloud service providers need to give you great confidence that hosting your business data away from your offices is a good idea. Here is one reason. not many SMEs can justify the expense of a generator to give cover in the event of a power outage, ‘ours earned it keep’ again last week.