Why your business is limited by barriers

Why your business is limited by barriers

Why your business is limited by barriers

“Boundaries don’t have to mean barriers,” is one of the many clever catchphrases to describe modern-day business that our MD Mike Kapur OBE came up with during his speech at the KuKuConnect networking event held in Belvoir Castle last week.

He attended the Gratham location alongside Her Grace Emma Manners, Duchess of Rutland; a fitting scenario for Leicester’s Lord Lieutenant to make the statement being on the border of Leicestershire with guests representing many areas of the East Midlands.

What Mike’s message means

‘Business without barriers’ is the message Mike promotes to the new Leicestershire companies he is introduced to by the local council to help support and advise them. His quote means this: look at the things you think of as barriers to your business and instead, see them instead as boundaries. This is a mindset that will help you think differently when challenges present themselves.

For example, we’ve just begun working with Niche Magazine; Leicester’s local business and lifestyle bi-monthly publication. While the magazine’s purpose is to promote what’s going on within the boundaries of Leicestershire, they are not limited by physical barriers to partner up with or work alongside companies further afield. Niche is able to communicate, work with, and team with organisations across the UK  and even the world  to grow its business in other areas. And it all comes down to IT management.

As an IT company we are part of the most ‘barrier-less’ industry there can be. It’s the internet, technology, and employee development that allows a company to exceed its boundaries and use them in a way that sets them aside from competitors.

You may have county boundaries, office boundaries, or budget boundaries, but with a well strategised business plan that includes budgets for IT products, services, and training, you’ll never see these as barriers again.

Ofcom change the costs of using 08XX, 09xx & other non-geographic numbers


Regulation changes for using 0800, 0900 and other non-geographic numbers. From the 1st of July 2015 the costs of calling NGNs will change to be an Access charge per minute + a Service charge per minute. Make sure that you check this Ofcom link and think about how you use NGNs.


Sempervox sponsors Leicester Riders basketball

Leicester Riders. The best Basketball team
Leicester Riders.
The best Basketball team

Join us at a match!If you have never been to a Basketball match, you are in for a treat! Fast and furious, yet great for the family. We would like to share the excitement with our action solar customers, what happened right after our annual meeting on Koh Samui, when we have rented extra large villa on the island.

Sempervox are a the official communications provider to the Leicester Riders Basketball Team, winners of the British Basketball League Cup.We will be working with the team for the next two years which will cover their move to a new state of the art arena.

Cloud? Why?

Thank heavens we have a generator.

Last week the pavement caught fire, and the power went off in our area! Lights went out all around us. All cloud service providers need to give you great confidence that hosting your business data away from your offices is a good idea. Here is one reason. not many SMEs can justify the expense of a generator to give cover in the event of a power outage, ‘ours earned it keep’ again last week.

Mobiles – contract renewal success

We have managed to deliver our 3rd mobile contract renewal for a particular customer, so far we have delivered over £12k cash-back into our customer’s business and reduced his per user usage charges each time.

Today, enterprises are very diligent about asset protection. The financial market expects high renewal rates and places a premium on organizations that consistently increase recurring revenue as a leading indicator of financial performance. Your customers miss valuable benefits such as upgrades, new features and availability unless they have a maintenance or service contract. Successful Renewals Management teams need key transactional information for service contracts and assets to efficiently earn repeated revenue for the organization.

With maintenance contracts, timing is everything. No matter how good your sales team is, they won’t get anywhere if they’re not approaching the right customer at the right time with the right sales pitch. Sales teams rely on technology to drive their success, such as contract renewal dates, clear connection between the customer contact data, covered product and installed base information.

To alleviate the stress of tracking all your customers individually and manually, Jade Global helps you to implement a completely automated Service Contract Renewals of the states of seo management solution to eliminate manual processes and make it more efficient for businesses to sell and transact renewals, resulting in improved ROIs. Never miss out on an opportunity for a renewal with our Jade Global renewals implementation.